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We've Taken Electronics Further
Than Anyone In The Industry!

Detroit has developed a full range of popular and widely accepted Electronic Products that provide significant benefits for the driver, technician and fleet management. These products are cost effective and easy to operate, utilizing industry-leading technology. Their features are complimentary in most cases, which simplifies matching product capability with customer requirements. Numerous engine-based features such as Fuel Economy incentive, Optimized Idle® and DDEC® Data enhance fuel economy, improve driver comfort and facilitate effective fleet management with little or no added on-board hardware.

Diagnostic and fleet management activities are well supported with a range of products such as the all new DiagnosticLink® and DDEC® Reports. Service products are offered in several levels of capability and cost for cost effective application, while management products can analyze the data from a single vehicle or a complete fleet. PC software programs utilize the familiar Windows operating system to minimize training requirements.

Detroit Electronic Products now assist fleets with more than DDEC® equipped engines. We also have coverage for the Mercedes 900 and 4000 On-Highway Engines. Our Diagnostic Link® software can easily distinguish between the DDEC® engine and MBE engine with no assistance needed from the technician.


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