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Virtual Technician is an industry leading innovative solution for maintaining customer up time.  VT engine diagnostics are proudly supported by the Detroit Customer Support Center.

The links below provide customers with the necessary information needed for viewing the history of their VT equipped trucks as well as other important information.

Who should I contact about questions I have regarding Virtual Technician?
   VT Support & Contacts

How do I get access to the VT website?
Gaining Access to the VT website for fault code history by VIN

How do I look up fault codes history on my VT equipped Detroit engine?
Navigating the VT website through AccessFreightliner

What is the difference between "Service Info", "Service Soon", and "Service Now" fault codes?
VT Fault Code Classifications

I am getting too many emails; what can I do?
I want to get every email; how do I arrange that?
We are a large fleet; how do I make the best use of email notifications?
VT Email Preferences

It appears I am getting email 3 hours after the fault code occurs; what should I do?
I am not getting email I think I should receive; what should I do?
VT Email Time Stamp - Limited or No Cellular Coverage
   VT Email Filtering Default Settings

How do I register/activate my vehicles for VT and Visibility Fleet Software service?
Where can I register or update my contacts for VT, Visibility, or on board tablet service subscription?
   VT Registration Page

How do I find an authorized service facility?
Where should I take my truck for service?
Authorized Service Facility Locator

How do I find out more information on the range of Telematics products as well as registration information?


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